The Holy Crown and the Coronation Regalia

by | June 28, 2022 | Past

The Holy Crown of Hungary, also known as the Crown of Saint Stephen, is a symbol of Hungary’s sovereignty and national identity. It is a jewel-encrusted crown that is believed to have been created in the 12th century and has played a significant role in Hungary’s history.

Holy Crown
The Holy Crown, the royal orb, the royal scepter and the coronation sword – photo: Wikipedia

The crown is named after Saint Stephen, the first king of Hungary, who is credited with founding the Hungarian state and introducing Christianity to the region. According to legend, the crown was a gift from the Pope to Saint Stephen, and it became a symbol of the legitimacy of Hungary’s ruling dynasty.

The Holy Crown is made of gold and is decorated with precious stones, including rubies, sapphires, and pearls. It consists of two parts: the lower part is a circlet, and the upper part is a cross.

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