Europe’s biggest Christmas crib in Vörs

by | December 13, 2022 | Places

The Christmas crib in Vörs, Hungary is a unique and stunning example of folk art that has been a cherished part of the local community’s Christmas traditions for over 50 years. The crib is located in the village of Vörs, which is situated in the county of Somogy in southwestern Hungary.

Christmas crib in Vörs
photo: Csodálatos Magyarország / Veronika Noé

The Christmas crib is a large, intricately detailed nativity scene that is housed in a specially constructed wooden shed. The shed is decorated with colorful lights and traditional Hungarian ornaments, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Inside, the nativity scene is set against a backdrop of a small Bethlehem village, with a miniature stable, Mary and Joseph, the baby Jesus, and a host of other figures from the Christmas story.

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