The history of Törley sparkling wine

by | October 1, 2022 | Gastro

Törley sparkling wine is a Hungarian brand of sparkling wine that has a long and fascinating history. The brand was established in 1882 by József Törley, a Hungarian businessman who had been inspired by the sparkling wines of France.

photo: Pixabay / blende12

József Törley was born in 1858 in a small town in Hungary. He grew up in a family of winegrowers and learned the art of winemaking from a young age. In 1882, he founded his own company, the Törley Champagne Cellar, with the aim of producing high-quality sparkling wine in Hungary.

At the time, the market for sparkling wine in Hungary was very small, and there were no local producers of the drink. József Törley recognized an opportunity and set out to create a Hungarian sparkling wine that could rival the best wines of France.

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